Puzzle this time from Steven Feuerstein in Toad World

Hurry up, its an easy Puzzle this time from Steven Feuerstein in Toad World

Its May 2010, and this time Steven Feuerstein chose to play easy to his readers. I am reproducing the question and options here:

Which of the following choices correctly describe a feature of the Oracle database called "external tables"?

A. There is no such thing as an "external table" in Oracle; all tables are stored within the database.
B. External tables are tables defined in other databases, such as mySQL and SQL Server, which can be queried from within an Oracle database.
C. An external table is a read-only table defined in Oracle (it appears, for example, in the ALL_TABLES data dictionary view), whose data is stored in an operating system file.
D. An external table is a normal relational table that is accessed externally, usually from a Java method, and whose contents are displayed on web pages.

I am betting that all must know the answer:
Go to this webpage and click on the answer.

Best of luck to all of you.

Find Value in database/schema

Question: How to find any value in any column in a schema?

I have been searching for this answer for long, and stumbled upon a beautiful response in Oracle Forums and tried the block and stunning to find the output much easily. This saved my day as I was searching for occurence of a value in entire schema. Thanks for pollywog for the posting.

I will reproduce the anonymous block here for my readers:

aCount pls_integer;
for c in
(select table_name, column_name 
from all_tab_columns 
where owner = 'OWNER' 
and data_type = 'DATATYPE') loop

execute immediate 'select count(*) from '||c.table_name||' where '||c.column_name||' = ''value_to_find'' ' into aCount;
if aCount > 0 then
dbms_output.put_line('found value_to_find in table '||c.table_name||', column '||c.column_name);
end if;
end loop;

Just modify the following in the block:
1. OWNER (The schema in which find is required)
2. DATATYPE (Data type of value which you are searching)
3. value_to_find (The string you are finding)

The output is like:

found value_to_find in table , column

Hope this tip helps you too, leave back a comment in case you like this tip.