biTracker - A free Administrative Intranet Portal in PL/SQL

I am very pleased to announce a project which is very close to my heart. "The biTracker.It uses the PL/SQL Web Toolkit for generating HTML pages which can be used by an organization for its internal needs.

About Pl/SQL (Oracle) Web Toolkit

A programming language now-a-days must be capable of producing web content using HTTP protocol. PL/SQL is no exception, and it does this job in style. Oracle supplies some packages called HTP, HTF etc which can generate HTML content to HTTP stream which can be opened by a browser. The flow of data can be in the following tiers:

  1. PL/SQL Procedure or Package (Database Layer)
  2. Web Server (Middle-Tier)
  3. Browser (Client Side)
As Oracle handles the flow of data from Database Layer to Middle Tier to Client side it gives us time to develop feature rich applications using Database Layer. 

Consider the following example:

  HTP.print('Hello World');

The above procedure as you would have guessed will print the message "Hello World" onto the Browser page. If you know HTML you can takeover from this and build feature-rich HTML pages which are dynamic in nature. (Tip: I used jQuery for making HTML pages dynamic).

About biTracker

The story started some months ago and this application includes the following in its version 0.0.3
  1. Admin Screens for various Master screens
    • Project, Role, Member, Issue Status
  2. Defect Tracking
    • Issue Listing, Raise an Issue
  3. Leave Management
    • Apply for Leave & Leave History
  4. A dashboard which displays a calendar
At this stage this software is not capable of handling every aspect of an organizations need. You may download the source of this from sourceforge

I am looking for peers who can develop/test this and to make it a good internal website.