ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement tips

I was getting this curious error lately in a development package. I could not resolve what could be the reason for this for sometime.

ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement
I got some head on from this website, but it did not help my case as both of the cases mentioned by him was not valid for me. I was not using any dblink or neither because of Y2K error.

I started to investigate upon it and with the help of my colleague, I spotted the error. I was using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, which was not tested had a code oversight.

I was executing a procedure within EXECUTE IMMEDIATE but without an anonymous block.

EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'package.procedure';

The above was my statement, and with the oversight it took about 30 minutes of frustration to fix this error:

EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'begin package.procdure; end;';

The above code executed properly. The oversight I had was to miss the semi-colon which is not required when executing a SQL statement.

Thanks to +Ajish Kumar who helped me in resolving the situation.