Load CSV data to Oracle or other databases

This time it is a review of a product which is freely available for download. The CSV Loader. It is a Java Application that can load data to databases such as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. The software is available for download here http://sourceforge.net/projects/csvloader/

The installation instructions are also available through this website http://csvloader.sourceforge.net/

What makes this tool unique is its integration with SunGard Banner software. It is a big replacement for SQL Loader provided by Oracle. You can either use its interface to specify the tables in which the data needs to be imported or pretty advanced mode where you can edit the configuration file and upload the details.

I loved the tool, and in initial attempt loaded about 1000s of records to a table. I as a developer became free to use the data to load it to appropriate tables.

I give a cool 4.5 star rating out of 5 for this tool. I reserve 0.5 points for little user-interface difficulties which prevent me from specifying the target table/column easily. I had to type the schema and table name each time, and then select the column.

From its interface it looks like target table can be multiple, have not tested it. Anyone interested in knowing more, I am happy to help.