Custom CSV Download button for Interactive Report

Its a fact, users are lazy. They want to avoid multiple clicks of button. This time it is to avoid clicking on Actions Menu > Download > Click to download CSV. The requirement was to click one button, download the CSV.

Oracle Apex allows this using a simple technique. I was searching many blogs, OTN etc where people were asking you to create a new region, then change the settings of the region. Why should I manage two copies of same region?

The solution is simple. While creating a button, specify the option "Page in this application". The page number should be same as the one where the Interactive report is created. (Probably this is one of the reasons why there is a limit of 1 Interactive report in a page). In the Request text field, mention the "CSV" option. That is all you need.

Create a button with the Action when button clicked property as above

Interactive Reports - Configure header and footers

Version: Oracle Application Express 4 and above.

Recently I had been asked by my colleague to how to configure header and footer for PDF printing of Interactive reports in Oracle Apex. We have been using Apex 4.2.5, but this tip will work for versions above 4.

If PDF download is not working in interactive reports in your setup, refer this article to configure PDF printing.

By default if you are downloading an interactive report in Oracle Apex, it will only download the data inside the report. It will not print anything which is available in Region header/footer. It is available as a separate option which will help configure attributes while printing.

Navigate to your page in developer view, and click on Interactive Report link for the region.

Click the Interactive Report link
Click on the tab Print Attributes.
Click the tab, Print Attributes
In this section you will be able to add/modify the following settings:

  • Print Server Override: If you have created a custom report with XSL-FO templates, and you need to execute this report, the configuration has to be done here.
  • Paper Size, Orientation of the report
  • Font settings for printing the headings, data in the report
  • Page Header & Footer
Print Attributes settings screen
Please note that this section "Print Attributes" will only be used while downloading the report in PDF, and not in CSV/HTML download in Interactive Reports.

For more information refer Oracle Application Express Builder's User Guide.

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