Parameters to Form Runtime

The following are the valid parameters to ifrun60.exe (Forms 6i):

Module - Form Runtime module name
Userid - Login credentials
Term - Oracle Terminal resource file
Debug - Invoke the PL/SQL Debugger
Debug_Messages - Display debugging messages
Keyout - Write Input keystrokes to file
Keyin - Read Input keystrokes from file
Output_File - Write display to file
Interactive - Write display to terminal
Array - Use array SQL Processing
Buffer_Records - Buffer records to temporary file
Logon_screen - Displays the screen to specify logon name
Block_Menu - Display block menu on startup
OptimizeSQL - Optimize V2-Style Trigger-Step SQL Processing
Quiet - Quiet Mode
Statistics - Show statistics
Query_Only - Show forms in query only mode
Help - Show the help screen related to parameters
Options_Screen - Displays options window (Only bitmap mode)
Pecs - Collect PECS data
Window_state - Root window state(Normal, Maximize, Minimize)