MSSQL-Creating a table as duplicate of another table

I was very much frustrated with the simple but syntactical change between Oracle and MS-SQL Server. I was trying to just create a table with the normal Oracle syntax in MS-SQL Server:

CREATE TABLE test AS SELECT * FROM existing_table;

I got an error from MS-SQL and then I had to call up some experts on MS-SQL to understand how it is done in MS-SQL.

The syntax for creating such a duplicate table of an existing one in MS-SQL is as follows:

INTO {new_table}
FROM {existing_table}
WHERE {if_clause if any};

Thus our example can be translated to as:

INTO test
FROM existing_table;

This short article is to just keep up the difference between MS-SQL and Oracle. Oracle professionals may sometimes need to work in MS-SQL, and this kind of tips on MS-SQL comes handy in times of trouble.