Script to compile all invalid objects

The following script compiles all invalid objects in the schema. Login through SQL Plus and execute this file. In case all objects are not compiled even after the execution, execute the same file once or twice more. This is to ensure that all the dependent objects are compiled.

set echo off

set feed off
set sqlp ''
set head off
set pages 0
spool compile_objects.sql
select 'ALTER '||
DECODE(object_type, 'VIEW', 'VIEW', 'PACKAGE') || ' '||
LOWER(object_name)|| ' COMPILE '||
DECODE(object_type, 'PACKAGE', 'SPECIFICATION', 'PACKAGE BODY', 'BODY', '')|| ' ; ' from user_objects
where status = 'INVALID'
order by DECODE(object_type, 'VIEW', 1, 'PACKAGE', 2, 'PACKAGE BODY', 3), object_name ;
spool off
set echo on
set feed on
set sqlp 'SQL>'
set head on

Once the compile.sql is executed, execute the compile_objects.sql generated by compile.sql

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