ORA-25153-Temporary Tablespace is Empty-Error solved

*** SOLVED ***

We have a linux server in our office, and yesterday the machine got restarted (power failure). We were able to bring up our Oracle database server afterwards but there was some problems with temporary tablespace.

We were running a procedure when we encountered this error:

ORA-25153: Temporary Tablespace is Empty

Once querying dba_temp_files view, there were no temp files being listed. Though the temporary file was residing in the oradata folder and the dba_tablespaces where the tablespace was present. 

The Solution:
As it was a temporary tablespace, I could add a tempfile to the same and made the procedure working:

ALTER TABLESPACE temp ADD tempfile '/fullpath.dbf' SIZE 50M;

The error ORA 25153 got solved.

NOTE: Do not give the same name as the existing file in oradata folder. Let the file REST IN PEACE, give a new name. For example if you have temp01.dbf existing create with temp02.dbf.