Oracle Database Lite

Oracle Database Lite 10g is an integrated and complete solution for rapid development and deployment of high-impact, mission critical applications for mobile and lightweight environments. Oracle Database Lite is an addition to Oracle Database 10g for enterprises wanting to increase employee productivity, reduce operation costs, or improve customer satisfaction. It extends the grid environment to mobile and embedded devices, allowing mobile workers to access enterprise data even in the absence of a network connection. Additionally, Oracle Database Lite uses data synchronization to allow these workers to reliably and securely exchange data with a corporate Oracle Database.

As the performance and storage capabilities of mobile devices continue to grow, the need to access enterprise data from these devices also increases. Ideally, these mobile applications are constantly connected to central business information, presumably through a wireless protocol (Wi-Fi, GPRS, etc.). While the evolution of wireless networks has addressed some of these requirements, wireless access is not the optimal solution for many mobile business scenarios. Specifically, a constant network connection for mobile workers in these contexts is often:
• Not Possible
• Not Practical
• Not Desirable

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