How to identify called procedure

This script and article is courtesy of asktom

Many times we are asked "in a procedure/function, can I find out who called me" or "can I dynamically figure out the name of the procedure or package that is currently executing".

You can find it in the call stack returned by dbms_utility.format_call_stack. I wrote a small routine called who_called_me that returns this sort of information (it doesn't tell you who you are; it lets you know who called you). If you wrap who_called_me with a function who_am_i, you'll get what you need. If you create the who_called_me/who_am_i routines, you'll be able to:

SQL> create or replace procedure demo
  2  as
  3  begin
  4     dbms_output.put_line( who_am_i );
  5  end;
  6  /
Procedure created.
SQL> exec demo;

You can download who_called_me and who_am_I from here


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