Conditional compilation of package

This tip was found in Oracle forums. With due respect to the author I am replicating the idea of the message below:


Oracle introduced conditional compilation of packages/procedures from 10g.


Conditional compilation allows PL/SQL code to be tailored to specific environments by selectively altering the source code based on compiler directives. It is considered a new feature of Oracle 10g Release 2, but is available in Oracle 10g Release 1 (


Compiler flags are identified by the "$$" prefix, while conditional control is provided by the $IF-$THEN-$ELSE syntax.


$IF boolean_static_expression $THEN text

  [ $ELSIF boolean_static_expression $THEN text ]

  [ $ELSE text ]



Find below a simple example of procedure that uses conditional compilation. The objective of this package is to invalidate the package by not modifying the source/underlying objects.


SQL> create or replace package p is $IF ($$x) $then INVALID $else $end end;
Package created.
SQL> select status from user_objects where object_name='P';
SQL> alter package p compile PLSQL_CCFLAGS='x:true';
Warning: Package altered with compilation errors.
SQL> select status from user_objects where object_name='P';


Thus without modifying the actual contents of the package we have been successful in invalidating the package.


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