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"Using Oracle Lite, our pre-sales teams increased order accuracy from 75% to 95%, doubled the productivity of our delivery trucks, and cut administration costs by 50%." – Lobna El Dessouky, Chief Financial Officer, The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt

Coca-Cola Egypt has automated its pre-sales function with Oracle Lite. Based in Cairo, The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt (TCCBCE) owns and operates 11 bottling plants and 29 sales and distribution centers. The company has operated in Egypt since 1942 and, with 7,400 employees, is one of the country's major employers.

In 2002, TCCBCE wanted to overhaul its sales strategy to improve productivity, cut costs, and improve the quality of its service to customers. "Traditionally we used to send our distribution trucks to each customer's premises, take orders, and deliver what we could from stock," said Mohamed Shalaby, information systems manager at TCCBCE. "If customers required items that were not on the truck, orders were written down on paper and passed to warehouse staff back at the distribution center for manual processing.

Errors often occurred during processing, resulting in incorrect orders being dispatched and subsequently returned to us. In addition, orders took up to three days to process, resulting in unacceptable response times to customers and lost sales opportunities."

To remedy the situation, Coca-Cola decided to create pre-sales teams equipped with hand-held devices running on Oracle Lite that would visit customers and take orders electronically in advance of distribution. Upon returning to the office, the teams would synchronize orders with the company's Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to ensure automated processing and rapid dispatch of accurate orders to customers.

A pilot implementation of this order handling system using Oracle Database Lite was rolled out in November 2002. "Oracle Egypt supported us throughout the implementation and provided IT training and ongoing support," Shalaby said. "Their commitment and expertise ensured that we had a working solution in less than two months. Our pre-sales teams welcomed the new system, which is based on Compaq iPaqs, because it is easy to use and increases their sales figures."

Excerpt from Oracle Database Lite 10gR3 Business White Paper. Read more about the whitepaper and download it here.

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