PL/SQL Server Pages or PSP

  • Have you heard of JSP?
  • Have you heard of ASP?
  • Have you heard of PHP?
Of course I have heard of them all. They all does one function, generate web pages dynamically to deliver a nice and rich front-end to the web.

But Have you heard of PSP? What?
PSP is acronym for Oracle's PL/SQL Server Pages. Oracle has this kind of capability? Well Oracle always has this sort of capability but it was called in a rather different name. It was and is called PL/SQL Web Toolkit.

But rather unknown or less used fact is Oracle also has an extension to this. This is called as PSP. I have created a whitepaper which is here for you to read:

For those who are unable to view the presentation in this web page or to view in Full screen, click here.