Leave Management System for APEX (LeaveLite)

If you are new to Oracle APEX, well you are opening up a new world. Otherwise you know what APEX can do for you. With the latest version of 4.2 released at least I have lot of dreams with it.

I began developing in the age where Client-server applications were dominant. Oracle Forms provided features where it is easy to develop an application within days. With the advent of Web applications Oracle provided various frameworks including ADF, APEX among others. I do not know Java, so I left behind from ADF. APEX seems to be perfect fit for me because it is pure PL/SQL that I have to know. (Though Java script/jQuery skills will be hugely beneficial).

To add to this list for a year or so I have been developing website for our client with pure PL/SQL Web Toolkit. With this skill with me it was easy to delve deeper into APEX. With APEX 4.2 I have got more than what I have dreamed of, Mobile Applications.

I am sharing with all my readers an application which I have designed and developed using APEX 4.1 and now upgraded to APEX 4.2.

The application is called LeaveLite and its features are follows:

This application supports three modules and following functions
1. Administration
  a. Employees List
  b. Holidays List
  c. Add Leave Balance
2. Manager Services
  a. Approve/Reject Leave
  b. My Team
  c. Employee-wise Leave Taken
3. Employee Services
  a. Apply for Leave
  b. Cancel Leave
  c. Leaves Report
  d. Holidays List

Installation Instructions
To Install this software you must install Oracle APEX. Once that is installed make sure you upgrade your APEX version to 4.2. An alternate for you to try this is to use APEX cloud for trial purposes. Register/Log on to http://apex.oracle.com and use Application Import feature.

After APEX is upgraded to 4.2 you may now install this application using Application Import feature within APEX.

The install script comes with all tables script and necessary objects. Once installed browse the table LEAVE_MEMBER and make sure there are some members added to this table (administrator user) and then login using this user id and password.

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  1. Can I use this on 4.1 version, if not can I get it 4.1 version