Oracle APEX - Navigation bar current item

Apex Version 4.0.2

I am using a template where my contents are appearing in one side (left) and navigation in another side (right) of the webpage. I created a "Vertical Sidebar List" template wherein all my navigation items will be embedded inside an un-ordered List. I created this very much easily.

First created a List (Application Builder > My Application > Shared Components > Lists (Below Navigation)). The List template as I mentioned earlier is "Vertial Sidebar List". I entered a few pages in the navigation items and created the list.

Later on I manually added a List Region to all my pages. I chose the Display Point of "Page Template Region Position 2" for my page contents, and for Menu I chose "Page Template Region Position 3". Thus I was able to list both regions side by side.

But the problem I landed on was that when I click on a page the list was not displaying current attribute (or a highlighting). Even after lot of googling I was not able to find out this. (Maybe my search keywords suck). But I got a small tip from one of my existing pages for which the highlighting was working. After long time of searching each and every property for this, finally the missing part stuck my eye.

Within every List item there is a property "Current for Pages". Its below (Application Builder > My Application > Shared Components > Lists > Entries by List (Click on the list) > Click Grid Edit button on top.

Enter the page number of the page which the list item denotes. Thats it!

It was simpler but had to spent some time in identifiying the property.

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