Creating E-R Diagram from SQL Developer

This is one of the most coolest feature I like about SQL Developer. I am using version 3.1.07 and this feature is available in this version.

SQL Developer requires just the DDL scripts that I use for installation for the product and it generates the E-R diagram within seconds.

Starting from lower note, I had never liked SQL developer for its memory eating capabilities. I used to work in a remote machine and if someone had opened SQL Developer it would chew up almost entire memory. It gave me dreaded thoughts. This was initial times. Then I started using more and more features out of SQL Developer starting with its 3.1 release. It was little less trouble making. But as it used Java the troubles has not entirely vanished.

Then I stumbled upon a blog in which the author wrote about generating E-R diagrams with SQL Developer (Data Modeller tool embedded inside). Using this tool one can create E-R diagrams in a matter of seconds.

Click on File > Data Modeller > Import > DDL File.
Select one or more DDL files which you might have from your application. Check "Skip Merge Dialog" and Click OK. Select your Database (It even identifies non-oracle scripts).

SQL Developer will list the scripts which it could not understand or irrelevant, click close. Your E-R diagram will be ready in some time shortly thereafter. I got my E-R diagram as follows:

Enjoy your time with SQL Developer.

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