Oracle APEX: Interactive Report "no data found" while adding attachments link

You must follow the exact steps to add link to attachments in BLOB column in Interactive Report/IR in Oracle APEX:

1. Table must have primary key (I could not make this work with ROWID in View), and it must be queried in the select statement for IR.
2. In query one column must fetch size of attachment. You may use dbms_lob.getlength(blobcolumn) function to fetch the size.
3. In the size column added provide format mast as BLOB and in Apex 4.2.2 "BLOB Column Attributes" section will come.
4. In "BLOB Column Attributes" you must specify at least two columns, BLOB column in "Column" and "Primary Key column 1". If you have composite primary key, you may specify "Primary Key column 2".
5. If you are saving the file name in table, you may also identify the column name in "Filename Column" field.

If you are getting "no data found" error in the region of Interactive report, do make sure that the first point mentioned above is adhered to. It is a must. Just learned this today, sharing with you all.

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