Installing Oracle silently

Oracle Universal Installer by default installs any oracle products in its GUI mode. In situations where the GUI could not be started, it is not possible to install Oracle, such as in Linux environments if X Server could not be started it is difficult to install any Oracle products.

Moreover for a DBA, it is very cumbersome to sit and click buttons for installation. For automating purposes, Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) provides a silent mode of installation.

The runInstaller script which is used for calling the OUI has some switches which can be used to achieve this functionality.

./runInstaller -record -destinationFile  
./runInstaller -silent -responseFile

Here is how:

First Step
./runInstaller -record -destinationFile ResponseFile.txt

The record parameter tells the installer to write to the response file and the destinationFile parameter defines the name of the response file. Once the response file is created you can run the installer in silent mode using the following command:

Second Step
./runInstaller -silent -responseFile ResponseFile.txt

The silent parameter indicates the OUI to install the product using the parameters found in the file passed throught responseFile parameter.

Once the installer stops for executing as root user, the installation will be completed.

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