Making Oracle Case sensitive, again

This article is a continuation on Making Oracle Case Insensitive. Read that first to understand the context discussed here.

Oracle is always Case Sensitive while querying data. Now we have learned how to make Oracle Case Insensitive for queries. Let us ask some questions to get going.

What is the purpose of making Oracle Case Insensitive?
By making Oracle Case Insensitive, you need not any more use Case mixed words. For example Test, TEST, tESt are all same once you have made Oracle Case Insensitive. Its use could be in Data warehousing applications.

How to make Oracle Case Sensitive back again after this?
You have to alter two session paramaters NLS_COMP and NLS_SORT.

First set NLS_COMP to binary.

ALTER SESSION SET nls_comp=binary;

Secondly set NLS_SORT to generic.


Once these variables are altered Oracle is back in business as case sensitive.